Re-Built From the Ground Up

The new release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS – formally known as Enterprise Manager) is virtually a complete re-write of the tool set. SSMS uses a specialized version of the Visual Studio shell as the host for management tools. This architectural change removed many of the limitations the prior Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for an integrated environment that includes the management dialogs, query editor, templates, script projects, log viewers, and other tools that make up Management Studio. SSMS is also a testament to the .Net framework since more than 90% of the code uses managed code.
SSMS integrates management for all the SQL Server 2005 services: Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services (DTS), and SQL Server Mobile. SSMS is now the one tool to rule then all.
SSMS uses threaded operations so that the user interface is not blocked by complex operations. In addition, most of the dialogs in SSMS are non-model which means that you can have multiple dialogs and property windows open at one time to compare and contrast settings between service instances.

MSDN Webcast: Introducing the New SQL Server Management Studio


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