A new way of searching the web.

Try Search Result Clustering – a non-linear way of looking at results as compared to the traditional "ranked list" that makes it faster for the
user to reach his desired results. The idea is to use a clustering algorithm to aggregate related results together under derived headings.
The algorithm extracts phrases from results-titles and ranks these phrases as cluster headings. More details about algorithm  can be found at http://research.microsoft.com/users/hjzeng/p230-zeng.pdf.

Want to see how this works? Check out http://wsm.directtaps.net/default.htm

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  1. John Kane
    12. January 2005 at 16:49

    Actually, just a new way from Microsoft to search the web as other commerical Search Engines such as Vivisimo, Mooter, Exalead (beta), IBoogie, and Clusty provide simalar Web Search Results clustering. See my blog entry “Search Results Clustering – New tool from Microsoft” at http://spaces.msn.com/members/jtkane/Blog/cns!1pWDBCiDX1uvH5ATJmNCVLPQ!317.entry for more information.



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