List of C# team bloggers

Daigo Hamura (QA)
Gus Perez (QA Lead)
Luca Bolognese (PM)
Matt Warren (DEV)
Peter Hallam (DEV Lead)
Rok Yu (DEV)
Santosh Zachariah (QA)
Subash Bhamidipati (QA)

Adam Krantz (DEV)
Andy Pennell (DEV Lead)
Deeptanshu Verma (QA)
Gregg Miskelly (DEV)
Habib Heydarian (PM)
Jim Griesmer (DEV)
Monica Boris (QA)
Rich Cook (QA)
Scott Nonnenberg (PM)
Steve Steiner (DEV)

Anson Horton (PM)
Cyrus Najmabadi (DEV)
Jay Bazuzi (DEV Lead)
Kevin Pilch Bisson (DEV)
Luke Hoban (PM)
Vijay Upadya (QA)

Dan Fernandez (Mktg)
Duncan Mackenzie (MSDN)
Raj Pai (GPM)
Rick Spencer (Usability)
Rusty Miller (QA Mgr)
Scott Wiltamuth (PUM)
Shaykat Chaudhuri (PM)
Tiki Wan (QA)
Ex-Team Members:
Karim Elias (QA)
Min Kwan Park (QA)
Eric Gunnerson (PM)
Joe Nalewabau (PM)
Grant Richins (DEV)
Peter Golde (DEV)

[Via Gus Perez]


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  1. glenn morton
    23. June 2005 at 20:26

    sorry to be a pain in the ass, but i though there was no better person to ask than the master of c#; I have two quick questions:

    * Is it worth checking if each stream parameter of a method is null for an id3 library; or is this just over kill or good practice?

    * Does it cost more to force inheriting classes to use base class properties instead of giving them direct access to the inherited variables – I am assuming not, but i would like to confirm how the compiler handles such situations?

    Sorry but I didn’t find the answers in the FAQ section.

    Thankyou for your time in advance,

    Glenn Morton

    junior .net software architect

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