Search result clustering

Existing search engines often return a long list of search results, ranked by their relevancies to the given query. Web users have to go through the list and examine the titles and short description sequentially to
identify their required results. This is a time consuming task when multiple sub-topics of the given query are mixed together. For example, when a user submits query "resume" into Google and wants to get search results related to "resume writing", he should go to the 10th, 11th, 32nd and 71st results. A possible solution to this problem is to cluster search.Search Engines such as Vivisimo, Mooter, Exalead (beta), IBoogie, and Clusty provide Web Search Results clustering.

The following tools, including a new tool from Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), provide new web search result clustering functionality:

TopGist Cluster Tool –
Dowser Cluster Tool –
MSRA Search Results Clustering –


[Via John Kane's Blog]


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