CassiniEx Web Server

CassiniEx is an enhanced version of the Cassini Personal Web Server developed by Microsoft.


  • Run multiple web sites and applications in a single instance of CassiniEx
  • Each ApplicationHost is loaded only on demand
  • CassiniEx loads in system tray
  • Supports multiple host headers and ports per web site
  • Supports multiple virtual folders
  • Each web site has a log file in W3C extended log file format
  • Each web site can allow or deny remote connections
  • Custom default documents per virtual folder
  • Now supports Keep-Alive connections
  • Support If-Modified-Since and Last-Modified headers to reduce bandwidth
  • Automatically unload AppDomain when Idle for user-defined time
  • Each virtual folder can have custom deny/allow extensions
  • Configuration changes are automatically loaded without having to restart the server

Download CassiniEx here or check out  Korner’s blog for more information.


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