Invoking the Microsoft Log Parser COM Interface from managed code ( C# )

This will create an XML file that has your url’s that are refered to, hit count, and the referrer.

    Type comLogQueryType = 
        Type.GetTypeFromProgID("MSUtil.LogQuery", true);
    object comLogQueryObject = 
    // Get the IIS Input and XML output filters
    Type ws3LogType = 
        Type.GetTypeFromProgID("MSUtil.LogQuery.IISW3CInputFormat", true);
    object ws3LogObject = 
    Type xmlLogType = 
        Type.GetTypeFromProgID("MSUtil.LogQuery.XMLOutputFormat", true);
    object xmlLogObject = 
    // Setup input and output files
    string inPath = "someIISlog.log";
    string outpath = "temp.xml";
    // Create a SQL query to get the referers, count and uri-to. Order by total hits
    string query = 
        "SELECT cs(Referer) as Referer,cs-uri-stem as To,COUNT(*) as Total from " +
        inPath + " TO " + outpath +
        " WHERE (sc-status=200) AND (Referer LIKE 'http:%') GROUP BY Referer,To ORDER BY Total DESC";
    // Invoke the ExcuteBatch method
    object[] inputArgs = {query, ws3LogObject, xmlLogObject};
    comLogQueryType.InvokeMember("ExecuteBatch", BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, 
        null, comLogQueryObject, inputArgs);
catch (Exception e)
    string errorString = "An exception has occurred: " + e.Message;
[Via Steve Makofsky ]


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