JetBrains ReSharper v1.5 Released

This version features contains following refactorings

  • Extract Interface

    This refactoring allows users to create interface from a class and make that class implement the created interface. A user can choose members to extract to the interface and name of the interface. The refactoring is useful for specifying a class interface and using it where appropriate.

  • Extract Superclass

    With this refactoring you can create base class for a class and move some members to it. Just place caret at a class declaration, select members to extract and run the refactoring. It is very useful for moving some logic up to share it later.

  • Copy Type

    Create copy of a type with different name or namespace easily. The refactoring will also create separate file for it.

  • Introduce Field

    Select and expression or a local variable and apply this refactoring. It will create a new field or constant and initialize it with the expression or local variable initializer. The field can be initialized in its initializer, constructors or the current member.

  • Encapsulate Field

    Forgot to create accessor property for a field? Just invoke the refactoring and it will create it and also replace usages of the field with usages of the property.

  • Introduce Parameter

    Select an expression or a local variable in a method and this refactoring will create new parameter which will be properly initialized at all call sites.

  • Convert Interface to Abstract Class

    If you want to add some logic to interface or feel it better be a class you should invoke the refactoring and all appropriate conversions will be made.

  • Convert Abstract Class to Interface

    You can apply this refactoring to an abstract class and it will be converted to interface.

  • Generating «delegation» methods

    If you need to delegate the execution of particular methods to an instance of a particular class, you no longer have to do it manually. Just call the ReSharper | Code | Generate… command or press Alt+Insert shortcut, choose "Generate delegating members" and specify the target and methods to become delegates. ReSharper will generate all necessary code immediately.

Download ReSharper 1.5

[ Via David Hayden’s blog]

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