VB.Net vs. C#.Net by Philippe Lacoude

The article enumerates the differences between C# .Net 2003 (C#) and Visual Basic .Net 2003 (VB.Net) and the potential ramifications of these differences with regard to cross-language platform support.


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  1. Philippe Lacoude
    12. May 2005 at 23:30

    Despite the efforts and time spent at correcting this paper, I let a couple errors slip through the first version of this text: they were found almost immediately after I published it on my web site by Joshua Flanagan (http://flimflan.com/blog/) and Steven Campbell who both took the time to publish corrections.

    Thanks to both of them.

    You can find the corrected version at http://www.lacoude.com/docs/public/VBversusCsharp.aspx#Errata

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