Scott doesn’t use datasets in ASP .NET Applications

This post by Scott Mitchell points his article where he discusses why he doesn’t use Datasets in ASP.NET Applications.

"According to A Speed Freak’s Guide to Retrieving Data in ADO.NET, the DataReader is roughly thirty times more performant than the DataSet."

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  1. Javier Luna
    20. May 2005 at 00:56

    I believe that any DataLayer must be a simple code block, that they allow operations against DB.

    That code block would not have to know on the Business Entities. Single to specialize it is to execute the operations (Store Procedures and SQL Sentences) against the engine DB (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.), with which this setting.

    Finally, I invite to you to download the DataLayer.Primitives Public Version.

    This is very cool Data Layer :)

    DataLayer.Primitives – Readme!


    Javier Luna

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