LINQ(Language-Integrated Query) CTP (May 2006) is available for download

This release adds significantly to the LINQ functionality previously available. Highlights of this release include:

  • Productivity enhancements via DLINQ designer and debugger support within the Visual Studio 2005 IDE.
  • Support for a broader range of development scenarios thanks to new databinding and ASP.NET support.
  • Ability to integrate LINQ with existing code through features like LINQ over DataSet and DLINQ improvements including inheritance
  • Feedback driven features including deep stored procedure support, since the earlier CTP.

The installer contains:

  • LINQ libraries
  • VB and C# language enhancements
  • Visual Studio IDE additions
  • Samples (VB or C#)
  • LINQ Overview
  • Standard Query Operators white paper
  • Getting Started papers
  • DLinq overview
  • DLinq Hands-on-labs
  • XLinq Overview
  • XLinq Hands-on-labs
  • References and language specifications

Get Linq May 2006 CTP

[Via Fabrice's weblog]

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