What’s new in August 2006 Sandcastle CTP

Sandcastle produces accurate, MSDN style, comprehensive documentation by reflecting over the source assemblies and optionally integrating XML Documentation Comments. August 2006 Sandcastle CTP is available for download.

Here is a summary of what’s new in this CTP version:

  • Firefox support for Sandcasltle generated HTMs
  • 3 different link options (local, Index and MSDN) in sandcastle.config file.
  • /internal+- option in MrefBuilder enables documentation of private APIs to be produced for the internal consumption of development teams
  • Support for multi-dimensional arrays
  • Support for CHM Index and root node. Additional transforms are added to CHM generation process to accomplish this.
  • Support for all C# tags and html style elements in code comments
  • Abilty to use environment variables in config files
  • Changes to syntax for XSLTransform


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