Avoid the shutdown of your ASP.NET application after inactivity

To avoid the shutdown of your application after 20 min inactivity, you can use a ping tool like:


SmarterPing is a Windows Service built around solving this problem. SmarterPing will hit selected web pages at regular intervals to keep them alive on the server. For low-activity sites, and those using shared hosting, SmarterPing will keep sites running smoothly and quickly.



  • Connects to only the pages you specify, exactly as you specify them
  • Customizable ping period
  • Implemented as a Windows Service to ensure continual operation
  • Easy-to-use front end
  • Installation on one computer in your network is enough to keep all of your sites alive

Download SmarterPing



WebMon is a freeware web page update monitoring program – it saves you time and keeps you updated by automatically checking web pages to see if they have changed.



  • Checking an unlimited number of web pages.
  • Scheduling automatic checking at set intervals.
  • Optional pop-up alerts and sounds when updates are found.
  • Running other programs when updates are found.
  • Selecting which part of the web page to check.
  • Update logging.
  • Proxy support, with authentication.
  • Unintrusive tray icon when minimized.
  • Importing IE favorites and Netscape bookmarks.
  • Help system – simply press F1 at any time.
  • Simple installation and removal.
  • Freeware, with no advertising or spyware.

Download WebMon


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