Data Dictionary Creator

Data Dictionary Creator  is a simple tool which helps you document SQL Server databases. It saves all the information in Extended Properties, so it’s easier to keep the documentation in sync with the database as it changes.Check out this Data Dictionary Creator Walkthrough to see how easy it is to document your database.

Download Data Dictionary Creator 1.2

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One Response to “Data Dictionary Creator”

  1. anonymous
    18. November 2006 at 07:50

    This is a handy tool, but I found a small bug in the ExportColumnProperties method in XmlExporter.cs. It seems (at least with my database), the column may contain extended properties, but the property value may be null. I corrected this by changing the if statement to

    if(column.ExtendedProperties.Contains(SmoUtil.DESCRIPTION_PROPERTY) && column.ExtendedProperties[SmoUtil.DESCRIPTION_PROPERTY].Value != null)

    I also found that I could not connect to my local SQL Server 2005 database using the default connection string. Perhaps you might consider changing the default from Data Source=(local) to Server=(local). Allegedly the two are the same, but Data Source=(local) doesn’t work on SQL Server 2005 apparently.

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