CodePlex Source Control Client

The CodePlex team has announced the additional Source Control Client on their blog today.The CodePlex Client is a command line source control client for CodePlex site users. It supports working offline in a traditional edit-merge-commit style. It requires MS .NET 2.0.The short introduction present the way you will typically use the CodePlex Client.


  • Automated Merging
  • Anonymous Access
  • Patch Support

Download CodePlex Client

[Via Espresso Fueled Agile Development]


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2 Responses to “CodePlex Source Control Client”

  1. James Newkirk
    27. March 2007 at 01:10

    The features listed above, Automated Merging, Anonymous Access, and Patch Support are not in the initial beta. They will be added over the next couple of months.

  2. Chris Pietschmann
    27. March 2007 at 03:55

    You linked to the wrong release for the CodePlex Client, the correct link is:

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