Multi-protocol tabbed desktop client for remote connections

Terminals is a multi-protocol tabbed desktop client for remote connections.  Right now it can support all of these connection types (simultaneously):

  1. RDP – Microsoft’s Remote Desktop aka Terminal Services
  2. VNC – Virtual Network Computing
  3. VMRC – Virtual Machine Remote Control
  4. RAS – Remote Access Service (VPN, Dialup)
  5. Telnet – Telecommunication Network
  6. SSH – Secure Shell
  7. ICA Citrix – Independent Computing Architecture


  • Ability to import files such as MuRD and RDP files.
  • Tagging connections (grouping)
  • Shortcuts (to external tools) and Favorites
  • Some toolbar customization
  • Full Screen mode, multiple screen sizes and color depths supported
  • Minimize to tray
  • Single application instance
  • Execute before connect
  • Completely secure password storage
  • Screen capture of entire terminal window


Download Terminals 1.6

[Via Rob Chartier Blog]


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