XamlHack – a better XAMLPad alternative

XamlHack is a XAML authoring tool which can be used to develop or test a small pieces of XAML code.This tool is lightweight and easier to work with when writing some trivial WPF applications.





  • Basic text editing features & syntax highlighting for XAML
  • XAML preview with element tree viewing capability using "Element Tree Explorer" 
  • Examine the default value of DependencyProperties using "Property Explorer"
  • Convert BAML to XAML using "Resource Explorer"
  • Last but not least, peculiar error warning. 


Download XamlHack

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One Response to “XamlHack – a better XAMLPad alternative”

  1. portrait artist
    29. November 2007 at 04:45

    Thanks for this tip. XamlHack is indeed lighter to carry and easier to work with. My problem is that it doesn?t go along well with VS2008. When working with C#/WPF project it crashes immediately.

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