Explore Silverlight project hierarchy with Silverlight Spy 2

Use the built-in browser to navigate to a web page. Silverlight Spy will automatically pick up any Silverlight application embedded in the page and display it in the XAML Explorer. The XAML Explorer presents the UI element structure of a Silverlight application. Explore the structure and view and edit the details of the selected UI element in the Details pane.







  • Convenient XAML UI element explorer
  • XAML object property grid allows for getting and settings object property values
  • Regeneration of XAML based on the UI element structure
  • Statistics of used objects
  • Statistics of used resources (images, video, fonts, etc.)
  • UI element preview
  • Extensive search
  • Event Monitor
  • XAP package inspection
  • HTTP monitor


Download Silverlight Spy 2


Note: You must download and register(regsvr32) csexwb2 component before installing Silverlight Spy 2


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