WPF performance profiling tools

The WPF Performance Suite is a set of performance profiling tools that allow you to analyze the runtime behavior of your WPF application.

This suite includes the following tools:

  • Perforator – for analyzing rendering behavior.
  • Visual Profiler – for profiling the use of WPF services, such as layout and event handling, by elements in the visual tree.
  • Working Set Analyzer – for analyzing the working set characteristics of your application.
  • Event Trace – for analyzing events and generating event log files.
  • ETW Trace Viewer – Record, display, and browse Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) log files in a WPF user-interface format.

The screenshot below is presenting how to Visual Profiler tool looks like:


Download WPF Performance Suite (x86 version)


2 Responses to “WPF performance profiling tools”

  1. Yuva
    26. September 2010 at 14:01

    I am unable to download the tool, some one let me know???


  2. Yuva
    26. September 2010 at 14:04


    Found the latest version, here’s the link



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