XPath Visualizer


XPath Visualizer is a simple tool, that lets you execute a XPath query and see the results. The .Net 3.5 is required to use the tool .



  • Load the XML document from a filesystem file, from an HTTP URL, type it in, or paste (Ctrl-V).
  • Automatically detect and display the XML namespaces in use, in the document, including those with and without explicit prefixes
  • XPath query validation.
  • Remembers 10 most-recently used XPath queries.
  • automatically inject the default xml namespace into query expressions
  • visualize the XPath query execution results on the XML document
  • Easy scroll through the matched nodes of an XPath query
  • strip XML namespaces from any document
  • Remove matched nodes in the document
  • Reindent or reformat XML
  • After modifying the XML in any way, you can save the modified XML document to a new file

Download XPath Visualizer (Codeplex)


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