XMLQuire – a free light XML Editor


This XML Editor is the result of a rethink on one of the very fundamental principles of the way we edit XML text, namely XML formatting.In this editor, no tab or space characters are used for XML indentation. Instead, the left-margin adjusts continuously to ensure the XML always appears properly formatted. The editing experience is quite different from normal, because as you edit XML, you will find that the XML reflows into new formatting patterns continuously, even
when the XML structure is altered significantly, there’s no ‘reformat’ button to press.


  • Support for Windows XP or later
  • Syntax-highlighting and auto-completion
  • Schema validation and schema-aware completion lists
  • XPath Editor with auto-completion and full predicate/function tracing
  • DTD caching
  • Regex powered Find and Replace with preview
  • Special Print Preview with XML print formatting options
  • Recent Files list with preserved state replaces document tabs
  • Left-justified alternative view option
  • Multi-process and Multi-monitor editing windows
  • Smart trimming of formatted XML for import compatibility with existing editors
  • Synchronized element outline tree and sibling node value list

web-screen XMLQuire can be downloaded from http://xmlquire.com


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