Editing Xml Schema

Xml schema is used when xml based communication is needed between different systems, the xml schema is used to describe the structure of an xml document.  In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to edit an xml schema using Liquid XML Studio.
Working with Liquid XML Studio is very straightforward because of its design view feature which is user friendly, and very easy to use.
For this I am using Simple Book Store Project which has some default values, the output looks like this:


The Schema Looks Like this :


Now if Another Column is to be added (Distributor), you need to change the xml schema to make your xml document valid. Using Liquid Xml Studio, we can open the schema document, in the design view of the xml schema you can see the structure of xml document there you can do your changes by editing the nodes . To add another node you, follow below steps.

  • Right Click on the Schema Root
  • Select Add Child
  • Child Type is Complex Type in the Design view part of Liquid Xml Studio


Name it as Distributor.

Distributor can have several attributes as distributor name, distributor city etc.

Let’s create few of them.

Let’s say the full name is coming from 2 different columns in the database so you can combine them in one node by using sequence which will concat the values and display it one string. Sequence can be used for other data types also.

To create a sequence you can use same procedure .Right Click on the node on which you need to create child sequence and under “Add Child” select sequence.

Now add child elements to the sequence like Distributor Name, Distributor Organization Name

After adding few fields it looks like this:


Lets make Some changes in XSLT file so that it can be shown in the html page.


And Html Page with some dummy values look like this:


So by doing all the changes in xml schema we get this output:


So by using Liquid XML Studio you can edit the XML schema and change the structure of the XML Document used in any communications.


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