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DataGridView Extension

DataGridView Extension is a free component that extends the standard DataGridView control, provided with .NET 2.0 Framework.


  • Customization the grid in IDE (design mode support for the background color and borders,default cell formatting, alignment,colors,column and row headers formatting, column sizing …).
  • Exporting the data within the data grid in several file formats (MS Excel,Html,PDF).
  • Build-in print functionality
  • Manage multiple DataGridView controls in a single project and to store all settings for every one of them
  • The integrated security allows the developers to control what features are accessible for the end-user depending on the application’s logic.
  • Intelligent searching capabilities.
  • Set of custom column types (DateTime picker and Numeric Up/Down columns)
  • All features are programmable through the API





DataGridView Extension Downloads


MySQL IDEs and something different

  1. Tomer Gabel wrote about how to use VS 2005 Command Shell instead of the standard Windows Command Line .
  2. In another post you can find Light Web Server  that can be used in the Unit Tests
  3. His coworker wrote a very nice review about MySQL IDEs and there is a desire to taste something instead of bundled MySQL Query Browser / MySQL Administrator, check out this post
  4. For developers are getting busy with editing Web.Config and Application.Config files, this tool can speed up the process


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SSMS Tools PACK contains a few upgrades for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.


  1. Execution History (Soft Source Control) - Every statement that you run is logged in a file on your disk or in a table in a database that you specify.
  2. Text document Regions and Debug sections Regions behave in the same way as in Visual Studio.
  3. New query template - When opening a new query window you can specify a template that will be displayed. 
  4. CRUD stored procedure generation - CRUD((Create, Read, Update, Delete))stored procedure generation for tables based on fully customizable templates that you can change to suit your needs.
  5. Running custom scripts from Object explorer’s Context menu - You can specify a custom script text, its name and node on Object Explorer on which you want to run it from.

Download SSMS Tools Pack

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UI for MS SQL Server TableDiff tool

An simple UI application that allows to work with TableDiff.exe(  table comparison tool that comes with the MS SQL Server)  in more comfortable way .


UI for TableDiff Tool



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Object Relational Mapping and persistence framework for .NET 2.0

DataBlock is a Object Relational Mapping and persistence framework for .NET 2.0.When working with DataBlock your job should be to create business object that handle the specific business issues instead of writing SQL, juggling with ADO.NET objects or making sure that a specific piece of code is running in a transaction.

DataBlock comes with DataBlock Modeler, a GUI tool which makes mapping objects a few seconds job.

DataBlock is a open source project released under the GPL license.You can include a binary copy of DataBlock in a commercial project.


  • The generated code works without modifications on MS Access, Sql Server, MySql and PostgreSQL .
  • Supports any CLI 2.0 compliant language
  • Supports 1:1, 1:m and m:m relations
  • It doesn’t require any special constructs in your relational model nor extra tables or columns. No locks are hold/set at runtime or during a transaction, other then the locks set by the RDBMS itself. All mapping data is contained in memory at runtime.
  • Easily generate code using the DataBlock Modeler tool.
  • Supports reading/creating/deleting/updating of single and graphs of objects
  • All entity classes are based on lightweight custom classes, not on datasets or datatables.
  • The code is grouped using the Domain Driven pattern which isolates every entity.
  • The QueryCriteria API allows you to model, in an OOP way, SQL queries.
  • Powerful data access layer which works in both connected and disconnected mode
  • By default the DataBlock Framework is using “stronged referenced” providers but it can be easily changed (thru the configuration file) to use a new provider
  • No external xml mapping files
  • Support for running stored procedures and interoperation with already written ADO.NET code
  • Support for long running transactions

Download DataBlock

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