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Enhanced DataSet Watch Visual Studio Addin

This addin is an update to Mohammed Barqawi’s excellent DataSet Quick Watch addin.

I’ve summarized the enhancements below:

Added support for Typed DataSets
Added support for DataTables and DataRows (typed and untyped)
Added filtering support (based on DataViewRowState and free-text)

Read article( Download addin )

[ Via CodeBureau : Matt Simner]

Introducing Log4Net Viewer!

Log4Net Viewer is a GUI log viewer and filter for the Log4Net library. By default it listens for LoggingEvent objects sent using the UdpAppender and displays them in a table.

The events can be filtered based on:

  • Level
  • Logger
  • Message

All the details for each event can be displayed by selecting the event in the table.

log4net viewer

Getting Log4Net Viewer

Project home page:


If you have any feedback on this tool, please email me at admin at

.NET Tool for Tracking down managed memory leaks

Leak Detector drives the debugger process, parses the output, and provides an easy way to explore an application’s heap.

Leak Detector

Tracking down managed memory leaks (how to find a GC leak) in 7 steps

Step 1: Run your process and put it in the state you are curious about
Step 2: Use tasklist to find its process ID
Step 3: Use VADump to get a summary of the process
Step 4: Attach Windbg and load SOS
Step 5: Get the CLR memory summary
Step 6: Dump Type Specific Information
Step 7: Identify the roots of suspected leaks

From Rico Mariani

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