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Silverlight 1.1(Alpha) Layout and Controls Framework

Dave Relyea has developed a layout and controls framework for Silverlight 1.1 Alpha.It contains a small set of controls like :P age,Border,StackPanel,Grid,Label,Button,TextBox and layout controls .To see the framework in action take look at this page.


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View Source Reflector Plugin for Silverlight

Ernie Booth has wrote plugin for Lutz Roeder’s Reflector that takes a URL to a Silverlight host page and locates the assembly for that page.

Get sources and assemblies for "View Source Reflector Plugin for Silverlight"

Interesting articles(May 17)

Tip/Trick: Supporting Full Screen Mode with Silverlight

Microsoft Command Line Standard

New "Orcas" Language Feature: Anonymous Types

These are cool – Silverlight screen wallpapers and backgrounds

Function to Load Enum-Typed Properties from Database

Silverlight Console Applications


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An better approach to visualize build output – BuildConsole.NET

A nice and free tool from Gaston Milano(the author of CoolCommands addin) that allow to visualize your build output.


  • Open BuildFiles and Solution Files
  • Show and Save Build Reports
  • Support for cancellation
  • Verbosity Configuration
  • Save the history of your builds


Download BuildConsole.NET


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CodePlex Source Control Client

The CodePlex team has announced the additional Source Control Client on their blog today.The CodePlex Client is a command line source control client for CodePlex site users. It supports working offline in a traditional edit-merge-commit style. It requires MS .NET 2.0.The short introduction present the way you will typically use the CodePlex Client.


  • Automated Merging
  • Anonymous Access
  • Patch Support

Download CodePlex Client

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