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Validation Application Block – 4 tutorials

The CTP of Enterprise Library 3.0 was released last Friday.One of the new application blocks it contains is a Validation Application Block for validating classes in your applications.David Hayden wrote 4 tutorials on how to use it:

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Manage database of ASP.NET 2.0 Membership & Role services in non-ASP.NET context

This article explains how to manage database of ASP.NET 2.0 Membership & Role services in non-ASP.NET context.

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Written in C#, WatiN emulates the relevant portions of browser behavior, including form submission, JavaScript,cookies and automatic page redirection, and allows C# test code to examine returned pages either as containers of forms, tables, and links. When combined with a framework such as NUnit, it is fairly easy to write tests that very quickly verify the functioning of a web site.

This tutorial explains some basics to get you up and running automating Internet Explorer with WatiN.



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Bart De Smet explores the IE7 RSS platform using C#

Internet Explorer 7 introduces a unified approach to RSS. The good thing about it, is its availability for developers to consume the RSS feeds of the end-user, for example to build a custom RSS aggregator. Programs like the Windows Sidebar in Vista, the Windows Live Mail Desktop client, Outlook 2007 leverage the power of this API to provide multiple views on the same RSS information. In this series of blog posts Bart De Smet is showing you little snippets to make a jumpstart with the RSS platform.

  • Exploring the IE7 RSS platform in C# – Part 1
  • Exploring the IE7 RSS platform in C# – Part 2
  • Exploring the IE7 RSS platform in C# – Part 3
  • [Via Tom's MSDN Belux Corner]



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    Data Dictionary Creator

    Data Dictionary Creator  is a simple tool which helps you document SQL Server databases. It saves all the information in Extended Properties, so it’s easier to keep the documentation in sync with the database as it changes.Check out this Data Dictionary Creator Walkthrough to see how easy it is to document your database.

    Download Data Dictionary Creator 1.2

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