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edtFTPnet is the first choice of .NET developers worldwide for
incorporating FTP functionality into their applications.

  • Widely used throughout the world in many projects.
  • Full source code is provided.
  • Passive and active modes are supported (PASV and PORT).
  • Resuming of interrupted binary transfers supported.
  • Events for monitoring progress of data transfers.
  • Under the LGPL, so it can be embedded in commercial applications.
  • Mature and stable codebase.
  • Simple but extensive API analogous to a command line FTP program.

Implementing the singleton pattern

There are various different ways of implementing the singleton pattern in C#.

The implementation that listed below  is thread-safe, simple, and perform well.

public sealed class Singleton
    public static Singleton Instance
            return Nested.instance;
    class Nested
        // Explicit static constructor to tell C# compiler
        // not to mark type as beforefieldinit
        static Nested()
        internal static readonly Singleton instance = new Singleton();


You can read more about different singleton pattern implementations here


If you are interested in some "non-business" development such as games and stuff, you should check out

"Coding4Fun is all about giving something back to the hobbyist developer community…"  Brian Keller, product manager for Visual Studio

Calling MSN Desktop Search from your application

Brandon Paddock wrote interesting article about executing MSN Desktop Search from
your application.

The source looks like a hack ,but works excellent.

MSDN Forums Beta

MSDN Forums Beta allows customers to search a growing archive of technical questions and answers.

Here are the C#-specific groups:

  • Visual C# IDE  Questions and discussions on the C# IDE (including IntelliSense, refactoring, code snippets, colorization, brace matching, smart tags, auto-generated code, etc.)
  • Visual C# Language  Issues regarding the C# language and compiler ( including things like generics, anonymous methods, etc. )
  • Visual C# General  General open C# issues that don’t t fall into any other C# forum category.
  • Visual Studio Debugger  Questions and discussions about debugging applications with the Visual Studio debugger.

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