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How to fix delicious add-on for Firefox 4

Firefox 4 excellent and very fast browser, but many add-ons stopped working. One of them is delicious add-on. Of course is possible to use delicious bookmarklets, but it certainly can not replace all functionality that old delicious add-on has. With the help of a small change in one of the files – it will be possible to return the add-on back to the “life”.

First thing to do, in the windows explorer enter the following path:


Choose a folder that name ends with .default extension.Then go to extensions folder.

In the folder locate a directory with following GUID (represents delicious add-on)


Under GUID directory open install.rdf file in any text editor.

Find a line contains  em:maxVersion attribute .

Change attribute value to “4.0”.Save the file . Restart Firefox 4 .

Final file shown below

<?xml version="1.0"?>