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CassiniEx Web Server

CassiniEx is an enhanced version of the Cassini Personal Web Server developed by Microsoft.


  • Run multiple web sites and applications in a single instance of CassiniEx
  • Each ApplicationHost is loaded only on demand
  • CassiniEx loads in system tray
  • Supports multiple host headers and ports per web site
  • Supports multiple virtual folders
  • Each web site has a log file in W3C extended log file format
  • Each web site can allow or deny remote connections
  • Custom default documents per virtual folder
  • Now supports Keep-Alive connections
  • Support If-Modified-Since and Last-Modified headers to reduce bandwidth
  • Automatically unload AppDomain when Idle for user-defined time
  • Each virtual folder can have custom deny/allow extensions
  • Configuration changes are automatically loaded without having to restart the server

Download CassiniEx here or check out  Korner’s blog for more information.

Fugue ( Software protocol checker for languages compiling to MSIL )

Fugue is a defect detection tool for .net software, which lets you record the rules for using a class or interface and then check whether code that uses the class or interface is obeying the rules. For example, Fugue can show you the places where null is stored in a field that should not be null, where your code neglects to call Dispose on an IDisposable object or uses the object after calling Dispose, where an object’s methods are being called in the wrong order, and even where the code makes domain-specific mistakes, such as creating a SqlCommand object on a bad sql query. When you run Fugue, it analyzes your code and prints a list of error messages and warnings, just like a compiler.

You can constrain the order in which an object’s methods may be called.

class Socket
    public Socket (...);
    [ChangesState(”raw”, ”bound”)]
    public void Bind (EndPoint localEP);
    [ChangesState(”raw”, ”connected”), ChangesState(”bound”, ”connected”)]
    public void Connect (EndPoint remoteEP);
    public int Send (...);
    public int Receive (...);
    [ChangesState(”connected”, ”down”)]
    public void Shutdown (SocketShutdown how);
    public void Close ();


You can use Nullness attributes To record whether an object can be null, you give the object’s declaration one of the following three attributes:
[NotNull] The object cannot be null.
[Null] The object is definitely null.1
[MayBeNull] The object might or might not be null.


class NullDemo
    [NotNull] private string name;
    public string Name
            return name;
    public NullDemo([MayBeNull] string nm)
    { = ( nm == null) ? "default" : nm ;
    [return : MayBeNull]
    public string GetOrigName()
        return"default") ? null :;
Download Figue

Official launch of MSN Search

Msn Search comes with more than 40,000 Encarta Encyclopedia articles and associated media for free. Translating into more than 1.5 million Instant Answers.

Msn Search includes also Newsbot.

Now you can also subscribe to searches by using the RSS feed button at the bottom of each search result page.

You can check out the revamped homepage, or access the search engine directly from

[Via msnsearch's WebLog ]

New version of the Toolbar Suite is available for download

Some of the fixes and enhancements in the latest version include:

  • Eliminated the virus pop ups and increased performance
  • Ability to index Outlook items when it isn’t your default email client
  • Clear Deskbar text after performing searches
  • Fixed a majority of reported Watson bugs
  • Several bug fixes to improve overall stability & robustness

Download Desktop Search (02.00.0001.1203)

[Via msnsearch's WebLog ]

Enterprise Library 1.0 released

The Enterprise Library is a library of application blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges.

The application blocks that comprise the Enterprise Library are the following:

Want to know more about Enterprise Library 1.0 ? Check out Roy Osherove’s blog

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