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Object Relational Mapping and persistence framework for .NET 2.0

DataBlock is a Object Relational Mapping and persistence framework for .NET 2.0.When working with DataBlock your job should be to create business object that handle the specific business issues instead of writing SQL, juggling with ADO.NET objects or making sure that a specific piece of code is running in a transaction.

DataBlock comes with DataBlock Modeler, a GUI tool which makes mapping objects a few seconds job.

DataBlock is a open source project released under the GPL license.You can include a binary copy of DataBlock in a commercial project.


  • The generated code works without modifications on MS Access, Sql Server, MySql and PostgreSQL .
  • Supports any CLI 2.0 compliant language
  • Supports 1:1, 1:m and m:m relations
  • It doesn’t require any special constructs in your relational model nor extra tables or columns. No locks are hold/set at runtime or during a transaction, other then the locks set by the RDBMS itself. All mapping data is contained in memory at runtime.
  • Easily generate code using the DataBlock Modeler tool.
  • Supports reading/creating/deleting/updating of single and graphs of objects
  • All entity classes are based on lightweight custom classes, not on datasets or datatables.
  • The code is grouped using the Domain Driven pattern which isolates every entity.
  • The QueryCriteria API allows you to model, in an OOP way, SQL queries.
  • Powerful data access layer which works in both connected and disconnected mode
  • By default the DataBlock Framework is using “stronged referenced” providers but it can be easily changed (thru the configuration file) to use a new provider
  • No external xml mapping files
  • Support for running stored procedures and interoperation with already written ADO.NET code
  • Support for long running transactions

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Data Tier Modeler (DTM)

Data Tier Modeler (DTM) is a powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational framework for Microsoft.Net.

New features and improvements (DTM v3.0)

  • Improved association classes management
  • Improved databinding (MVC model)
  • Improved Visual Studio .NET integration
  • Rational XDE compliant
  • New databases supported : MySQL 4.1, DB2 v8.x
  • Optimization of each database specific code
  • Optimization of cache mechanism (2 levels cache)
  • More documentation and samples

Map many entities

  • Object model (UML, XML, XMI)
  • 1-1, 1-n, n-1, n-m … relations (aggregations, compositions)
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Association classes
  • Singletons
  • Enumerations


  • Objects collections
  • Advanced Databinding (MVC model)
  • Data encryption (DES or MD5)
  • Visitor Pattern 
  • XML serialization
  • Cascading load/save/delete
  • Lazy loading
  • Personalized error management
  • Read and/or write access


  • Fully integrated in Visual Studio .Net
  • Code generation directly in your class library in Visual Studio
  • UML models management
  • Database connexions management (execution of SQL scripts…)
  • UML modeling (with Microsoft Visio, Rational Rose, Argo UML…)
  • XML modeling 

Request Language 

  • OPath (Object Path)
  • Object requests
  • Bidirectional navigation through objects relations
  • Collections for each type of objects
  • Criteria
  • Sorting
  • Paging 
  • Template loading
  • Visitor Pattern
  • Loading of collections, objects or values …
  • SQL requests


  • Database specific code (enabling optimization)
  • SQL-Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Access, …
  • Database concurrency management
  • Transactions (automatic or manual)

Unlimited mapping types

  • Standard types (int, string, char, bool, DateTime, …)
  • Advanced Database Types (xml, text, char[x], decimal[x,y], …)
  • Complex serializable types (Hashtable, Drawing.Image…)
  • User types
  • Binary serialization

Object cache

  • Shared memory cache
  • Reference tracking
  • Creation of Garbage Collection with unreferenced objects.

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D4Modelizer is a simple but powerful code generator. It produces C# code from your Database. Each table could be mapped to an object and its fields in properties. D4Modelizer propose a mapping schema between the database structure and the object model.


  • Map your DataBase to Object Model.
  • Produce secure and optimized C# code.
  • Reduce develop time with integrated persistance methods.
  • Each object could have Add,Delete,Modify,GetData methods corresponding to data source.
  • Works with SQLServer, MSDE, IBM DB/2, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Access,Firebird and PostgreSQL.
  • Create directly Project for MS Visual Studio & SharpDevelop.
  • Produce Unit Testing with NUnit framework
  • US,Spain,Italian & French versions.




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