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PoshConsole – a PowerShell console written in WPF


PoshConsole is a modern PowerShell Console. The PoshConsole is written in WPF and including a custom ConsoleTextBox control which could be reused for other purposes.PowerShell Console will also include lots of powerful features like tab-completion and keyboard navigation.It has separate options for setting the window’s opacity, always on top ,show in taskbar and has fully configurable colors.




Download PoshConsole

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VS 2005 addins: NAntAddin and NUnitAddin

The first addin allows you manipulate Nant targets and tasks  within VS 2005


NAntAddin Features:

  • Read .nant and .build files
  • Build visual tree from NAnt files
  • Filter public/private targets
  • Display target/task properties
  • Locate selected node into build file
  • Start/Stop selected target
  • At solution startup reload default build file
  • Full integration with VisualStudio
  • Sources provided

Download NAntAddin

The second addin allows you run NUnit tests without leaving VS IDE


Download NUnitAddin

[Via Nauman Leghari's Blog]

MySQL IDEs and something different

  1. Tomer Gabel wrote about how to use VS 2005 Command Shell instead of the standard Windows Command Line .
  2. In another post you can find Light Web Server  that can be used in the Unit Tests
  3. His coworker wrote a very nice review about MySQL IDEs and there is a desire to taste something instead of bundled MySQL Query Browser / MySQL Administrator, check out this post
  4. For developers are getting busy with editing Web.Config and Application.Config files, this tool can speed up the process


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UMLet – Free UML Tool for Fast UML Diagrams

UMLet is an open-source UML tool with a simple user interface.UMLet is a UML tool provide a fast way of creating UML diagrams. UML elements are modified using text input instead of pop-up dialogs. UMLet runs stand-alone or as Eclipse plug-in on Windows, OS X and Linux.


  • Draw UML diagrams fast
  • Export diagrams to EPS, PDF JPG, SVG and clipboard
  • Share diagrams using Eclipse
  • Create new, custom UML elements.

Download UMLet
Sample diagrams


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MSBuild Sidekick v2(beta) is available for download

MSBuild Sidekick can be used to open and build the following project types:

  • Custom build scripts
  • VS2005 C# or VB.NET projects
  • VS2005 solutions
  • Delphi projects

This version does not support building VS2008 projects and MSBuild 3.5 scripts, but  according to this post it will be provided in the future.


  • View project structure in categorized project tree view (similar to v1)

  • View project structure in sequential project tree view (elements appear in the same order as in build project)

  • Show or hide imported elements in project tree view as desired

  • Add new or delete selected elements

  • Edit selected element’s properties and comments using properties grid

  • Edit elements properties in a list (for container elements such as PropertyGroup etc.)

  • Edit selected element’s properties and comments using raw XML view

  • Add tasks to targets using categorized "Add task" dialog

  • Use properties, items and item metadata intellisense support when editing elements

  • Change elements order in sequential project tree view or in elements list (for container elements)

  • Perform "intelligent" rename of the elements throughout the project (all relevant elements are renamed)

  • Delete elements throughout the project (no "dead" references left behind)

  • Navigate between elements and element views (properties, list or raw XML) using backward/forward navigation

  • Navigate between elements using "Find Element" dialog

  • Navigate between elements using "Jump To" function in element properties

  • Use integrated MSDN help (either from locally installed MSDN collection or from online MSDN)

  • View targets and tasks execution graph

  • Specify global or project-specific properties to be used in build session

  • Modify environment properties per project for the build session

  • Select targets for the build session

  • Build project

  • Review build results using console log (similar to command-line MSBuild console log)

  • Review build results using errors/warnings log

  • Review build results using structured detailed log; navigate to specific elements from the log

Download MSBuild Sidekick v2



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