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Browse smarter with tabs

Microsoft has added new functionality(Tabbed browsing) in MSN Search Toolbar.Tabbed browsing makes surfing the web faster and more convenient.Web pages are
loaded in "tabs" within the same browser window, making it easy to switch back and forth among multiple web pages.

Get MSN Search Toolbar 1.2

Give your DLL a dedicated config file

“You can run a particular class library inside an AppDomain and give it a dedicated config file.  NUnit uses this technique to allow test assemblies to be configurable by naming your config file FooTestAssembly.dll.config. “

Interesting trick allow every assembly run in its own memory space and own its own configuration.

Read how to do that here

Calling MSN Desktop Search from your application

Brandon Paddock wrote interesting article about executing MSN Desktop Search from
your application.

The source looks like a hack ,but works excellent.

MSDN upcoming webcasts RSS feed

Be first to know about MSDN upcoming webcasts via RSS feed

[ Via Oleg Tkachenko's Blog ]

Aggregated reflection-based ToString() implementation

Instead displaying your object’s public fields(properties) in ordinary way ,that doesn’t so informative

string foo = string.Format( "My name is {0} {1} and my birthday is {2:MM/dd/yyyy}", 
                            p.FirstName, p.LastName, p.BirthDate );

you can print your object using FormattableObject library

Person p = new Person( "Scott","Hanselman",new DateTime(1974,1,22) );
string foo = p.ToString("My name is {FirstName} {LastName} and my birthday is {Birthdate:MM/dd/yyyy}");

Download FormattableObject 0.5

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