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Copy/paste support for references in VS 2005/2003

In all versions of Visual Studio is the fact that there’s no copy/paste support for references. You can’t copy a reference from one project to the other.Omer van Kloeten’s add-in for Visual Studio 2005/2003 solve the problem and enable copy and paste a reference even between instances of VS2003 and VS2005.

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Reflector 5 is available for download

The new version comes with a lot of great new features

  1. C# 3.0 support
    • Extension methods
    • Object initializers
    • LINQ query expressions
    • Collection initializers
    • Lambda expressions
  2. Code URL support
    • Navigate to code://mscorlib/System.Object via IE
    • Ctrl+Alt+C to copy the URL for current item
    • Add to HTML pages using <a href=“code://…”>
  3. Assembly Browser
    • Multiple Windows: Analyzer and Disassembler windows can be open at the same time
    • Update assembly location if loading the same assembly twice from different locations
    • Back and Forward mouse buttons and shortcut keys work from all windows
  4. Disassembler
    • Expand Methods and Expand Types feature
    • Context-sensitive documentation view
    • Click on declaration jumps to item in the browser
    • Tab to cycle through links, Up/Down to scroll
    • Context-based automatic variable naming
  5. Analyzer
    • Add and analyze multiple items (DEL to remove)
    • Find overrides of virtual methods
    • “Exposed By” and “Instantiated By” search
    • “Assigned By” search for fields
  6. Search
    • String or Constant search
    • Exact matching of multiple words
  7. Assembly Lists
  8. Resource Viewer
    • Save byte arrays in .resources file to disk
    • Double-click opens using shell file extension
  9. Options Dialog
    • Use hex or decimal number format
    • Indentation setting for text output
    • Switch between public only and all items
    • Automatically resolve assembly references
    • Optimization setting (show raw code)
  10. Windows Shell integration
    • Run Reflector.exe /register to register file extensions
    • Right-click and “Browse…”
    • Improved 120 DPI support
    • Windows Vista support

Download Reflector 5.0

Download Reflector 5.0 Add-Ins


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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1

The Visual Studio.Net 2003 Service Pack 1 is available in Use this URL to download it."Fixes in this Service Pack concern stability and security enhancements made in many areas of the product."

List of bugs that are fixed in Visual Studio NET 2003 Service Pack 1

ReSharper 2.0 Beta Available for Download

What’s new in upcoming version of  ReSharper ?

ReSharper adds 10 more refactorings to the already implemented set, including Safe Delete, Pull Members Up and Push Members Down, and others.

Context actions
Context actions are intended for small code transformations that you may want perform in a certain context. When you position a caret at any place in the code editor, ReSharper displays what context actions can be applied for the code under the caret.


Quick documentation lookup
To see the documentation for a certain class, method, or other symbol right in the editor, position the caret on the symbol name and press Ctrl + Q.

File templates
ReSharper lets you add new files to your project with predefined code fragments already generated in them. For example, you can create a new file with a class declaration, an interface, struct declaration, and so on.

Type Hierarchy view
With ReSharper, you can view the inheritance hierarchy of a certain type in a dedicated window. The window shows both base types and inheritors of the selected type and allows you to navigate to any of them with a single click.


File Structure view
With the File Structure window, you can see what methods, fields, classes, and regions your current file contains, as well as navigate directly to their declarations.


Running and debugging tests
ReSharper automatically detects whether your project contains unit tests of supported test frameworks (NUnit and csUnit).


Download ReSharper 2.0 Beta For Visual Studio 2003

Download ReSharper 2.0 Beta For Visual Studio 2005

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XP Burn Component

The XP Burn Component allows your .NET applications to burn files to CDR/W discs on a Window XP or Windows 2003 Server system. This component does not work for systems which have a different OS installed; though it will detect that case and give a reasonable error message. This component talks directly to the system IMAPI interfaces and does not use the Windows XP CD burning wizard, so its possible to create your own snazzy UI for burning CDs.

Though the component is a UserControl, I wouldn’t recommend that you put it in the toolbox. Instead, simply reference it and use it like you would use any other framework type (the constructor can potentially throw exceptions, so for robust handling you should wrap it in a try& catch). The documentation and source for the component is included in the download.


XP Burn Component, Documentation and Source
Download and run the MSI for this component to install the documentation, source code and assembly.

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