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Add a search engine toolbar to VS.NET 2003

Alan Dean wrote interesting article about how to add a search engine toolbar to VS.NET 2003

Using the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Debugger with ASP.NET Applications

This article outlines the more commonly seen problems associated with debugging ASP.NET applications, shows examples of the errors, and explains how to fix them.

[ Via Giulio Vian's WebLog ]

Enhanced DataSet Watch Visual Studio Addin

This addin is an update to Mohammed Barqawi’s excellent DataSet Quick Watch addin.

I’ve summarized the enhancements below:

Added support for Typed DataSets
Added support for DataTables and DataRows (typed and untyped)
Added filtering support (based on DataViewRowState and free-text)

Read article( Download addin )

[ Via CodeBureau : Matt Simner]

Whidbey Commands for Visual Studio 2003

Gaston Milano developed an excellent little utility called WhidbeyCommands for Visual Studio 2003 .The utility adds the following commands to the Solution Explorer context menu:

  • Collapse all projects – collapse all projects in the Solution Explorer
  • Open Project Folder
  • Visual Command Prompt Here

Also it adds the following commands to the Text Editor context menu:

  • Demo Font – swaps the editor font to a larger, clearer font
  • Copy File – copy the working file to some place
  • Send by Mail – select some text in a document right click and send it by mail
  • Wheel Font Sizing – by pressing Ctrl while rolling the mouse wheel, you can enlarge or reduce the font size

Enable syntax highlighting to the nant build files (VS 2003).

  • Create the key foo as shown here
  • Inside that key create a new string value called "unused" (no quotes) and
    in the data portion enter "HTML" (no quotes)
  • For the default value copy the guid from the editor you want to emulate
    for the .build extension. I used the GUID from the default value in .xml key
    here "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\7.1\Languages\File
  • Restart the shell, open a new web project, add an existing .build file
    (actually your nant file), open the file, and you should get the proper
    syntax highlighting.

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