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LINQ(Language-Integrated Query) CTP (May 2006) is available for download

This release adds significantly to the LINQ functionality previously available. Highlights of this release include:

  • Productivity enhancements via DLINQ designer and debugger support within the Visual Studio 2005 IDE.
  • Support for a broader range of development scenarios thanks to new databinding and ASP.NET support.
  • Ability to integrate LINQ with existing code through features like LINQ over DataSet and DLINQ improvements including inheritance
  • Feedback driven features including deep stored procedure support, since the earlier CTP.

The installer contains:

  • LINQ libraries
  • VB and C# language enhancements
  • Visual Studio IDE additions
  • Samples (VB or C#)
  • LINQ Overview
  • Standard Query Operators white paper
  • Getting Started papers
  • DLinq overview
  • DLinq Hands-on-labs
  • XLinq Overview
  • XLinq Hands-on-labs
  • References and language specifications

Get Linq May 2006 CTP

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ReSharper 2.0 Beta Available for Download

What’s new in upcoming version of  ReSharper ?

ReSharper adds 10 more refactorings to the already implemented set, including Safe Delete, Pull Members Up and Push Members Down, and others.

Context actions
Context actions are intended for small code transformations that you may want perform in a certain context. When you position a caret at any place in the code editor, ReSharper displays what context actions can be applied for the code under the caret.


Quick documentation lookup
To see the documentation for a certain class, method, or other symbol right in the editor, position the caret on the symbol name and press Ctrl + Q.

File templates
ReSharper lets you add new files to your project with predefined code fragments already generated in them. For example, you can create a new file with a class declaration, an interface, struct declaration, and so on.

Type Hierarchy view
With ReSharper, you can view the inheritance hierarchy of a certain type in a dedicated window. The window shows both base types and inheritors of the selected type and allows you to navigate to any of them with a single click.


File Structure view
With the File Structure window, you can see what methods, fields, classes, and regions your current file contains, as well as navigate directly to their declarations.


Running and debugging tests
ReSharper automatically detects whether your project contains unit tests of supported test frameworks (NUnit and csUnit).


Download ReSharper 2.0 Beta For Visual Studio 2003

Download ReSharper 2.0 Beta For Visual Studio 2005

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CR_Documentor – The Documentor Plug-In

This plug-in allows you to see a preview of your XML document comments – real-time, as you edit the comments in Visual Studio.CR_Documentor offers the ability to choose the level of tags you want to be "compatible" with, the manner in which "unrecognized" tags are handled, and other formatting options.CR_Documentor offers context-menu support to aid in working with XML documentation , including inserting templates, embedding selections in templates, toggling outlining on XML doc comments, and toggling visibility of the CR_Documentor window.


Download CR_Documentor

Visual Studio .NET 2005 Automation Samples

These code samples show you how to build VSMacros projects,add ins, and wizards to make your teams more productive and to customize Visual Studio .NET 2005 to the ways you like to work.

  • Intercept commands when they are invoked, and either provide preprocessing or implement the command yourself.
  • Control the solution, projects, and project items by adding or removing them.
  • Control the build configurations mechanisms and hook various build events.
  • Control a large portion of the text editor.
  • Implement commands that help you debug with the debugger objects.
  • Control the Windows Forms Designer.
  • Create tool windows that behave just like the built-in tool windows for docking and floating.
  • Provide content to the Property Browser when items are selected in tool windows.
  • Control several of the built-in tool windows (including Task List, Toolbox, Command Window, and Output Window).
    And more…

  • Resharper 1.5 purchased – bring on Resharper 2.0

    JetBrains has released a detailed list of new features found in the next release.The release is planned for the autumn (about the same time as the release of Visual Studio 2005). But what really got me going was that they’re offering free upgrades from ReSharper 1.x to new baby, ReSharper 2.0

    • Support of Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2003
    • Support of C# 2.0 (under Visual Studio 2005 only)
    • Support of VB.NET (refactorings, usage search, navigation, code formatter)
    • Support of ASP.NET (almost all features implemented for C# and VB.NET for code inside ASP pages)
    • Cross-language refactoring
    • Open API (plug-ins support)
    • No modal progress on startup (loading in background)
    • Install shortcuts in localized versions of VS
    • New preprocessor directives handling (no errors caused by use of preprocessor directives anymore!)
    • Reworked UI with preview of changes, problems resolving etc
    • Pull Up Member refactoring
    • Push Down Member refactoring
    • Make Method Static refactoring
    • Make Method Non-Static refactoring
    • Safe Delete refactoring
    • Inline Method refactoring
    • Use Base Type where Possible refactoring
    • Move Static Members refactoring
    • Move Inner Type to Outer Scope refactoring
    • Replace Constructor with Factory Method refactoring
    • Rename/move: process string literals and comments
    • Move type: support for multiple types
    • Change Signature: support for IntelliSense and highlighting inside table fields
    On-the-fly Code Highlighting
    • Highlighting of all syntax errors
    • Highlighting of redundant down-casts (now only redundant up-casts are detected)
    • Warn about potentially unhandled exceptions (using doc-comments)
    • Optionally check for naming conventions violations
    • Highlighting of invalid format strings
    • Lot of new quickfixes
    Live Templates
    • Support for templates sharing, import/export, etc
    • "Create file from Live Template" feature
    • "Create template from selection" feature
    Code Formatter
    • Line wrapping
    • Code style settings: support for sharing, import/export and multiple schemes)
    • Support of unit tests (running/debugging unit tests, navigation from exception stacktraces and more)
    • "Go to Symbol" feature (the same as Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N but navigates to all types and members)
    • Auto-popup code completion on typing (as in VS2005)
    • Code completion for preprocessor directives
    • Code completion in namespace declarations
    • Generate Equals() & HashCode()
    • Implement Members: optionally generate fields for implemented properties
    • Make stubs that are generated for method bodies customizable
    • Action to implement given abstract member in one of implementors
    • Type Hierarchy
    • File structure view with regions, drag&drop etc
    • "Complete Statement" feature

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