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WPF performance profiling tools

The WPF Performance Suite is a set of performance profiling tools that allow you to analyze the runtime behavior of your WPF application.

This suite includes the following tools:

  • Perforator – for analyzing rendering behavior.
  • Visual Profiler – for profiling the use of WPF services, such as layout and event handling, by elements in the visual tree.
  • Working Set Analyzer – for analyzing the working set characteristics of your application.
  • Event Trace – for analyzing events and generating event log files.
  • ETW Trace Viewer – Record, display, and browse Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) log files in a WPF user-interface format.

The screenshot below is presenting how to Visual Profiler tool looks like:


Download WPF Performance Suite (x86 version)

An Add-in to convert Visio 2007 files to XAML

A small utility(by Saveen Reddy)  to convert Visio 2007 files to XAML. It uses XAMLTune to parse Visio files and generates XAML.

visio 2008 to XAML

Download VisioExportToXAML


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PoshConsole – a PowerShell console written in WPF


PoshConsole is a modern PowerShell Console. The PoshConsole is written in WPF and including a custom ConsoleTextBox control which could be reused for other purposes.PowerShell Console will also include lots of powerful features like tab-completion and keyboard navigation.It has separate options for setting the window’s opacity, always on top ,show in taskbar and has fully configurable colors.




Download PoshConsole

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The Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit and Reader Software Development Kit

SCE(Syndicated Client Experiences) applications are .Net applications that are deployed by web, occasionally connected, and fully exploitive of the desktop providing the optimal user experience for your content. The SC Reader application is a feature rich application that utilizes WPF’s layout capabilities and advanced text to present the best possible reading experience on any screen.

  • Readability and Rich document presentation
  • Personalization and Accessibility
  • Intuitive and Effortless Navigation
  • Commenting and Sharing
  • Mobility and Robustness
  • Premier Desktop Positioning
  • High Fidelity Printing
  • Support for numerous languages including Indic and East Asian languages.


Included in SDK(available for download here):

  • Visual Studio and Expression projects
    • Sample Generic Reader (complete end to end sample, full source code)
    • MSDN Reader (application, feed and full sample source code)
    • Reader Quick Start wizard
    • Photos: a simple sample demonstrating a syndicated photo experience (full sample source code)
  • An integrated branded boostrapper for .Net 3.0 deployment and app installation via Click-Once
  • Content Sync Extensions for RSS 2.0 for rich, nested, authenticated feeds
  • SCE sync service and desktop UI redistributable components

You can download the msdn reader(built using SCE SDK) here

Check out the resources below for training videos to help you customize your Starter Kit application.

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XamlHack – a better XAMLPad alternative

XamlHack is a XAML authoring tool which can be used to develop or test a small pieces of XAML code.This tool is lightweight and easier to work with when writing some trivial WPF applications.





  • Basic text editing features & syntax highlighting for XAML
  • XAML preview with element tree viewing capability using "Element Tree Explorer" 
  • Examine the default value of DependencyProperties using "Property Explorer"
  • Convert BAML to XAML using "Resource Explorer"
  • Last but not least, peculiar error warning. 


Download XamlHack

Read more about XamlHack

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