MySQL Tools for Visual Studio 1.0.1

MySQL Tools for Visual Studio is a plug-in for Visual Studio 2005 which allows developer to maintain database structures and objects all from within the Visual Studio environment. Please note that as of this release, data-driven applications including use of the DataSet designer are not supported.


To use the plugin you must have the following items installed:

  • Visual Studio 2005 (Express products are not supported)
  • .NET 2.0 (this is installed as part of Visual Studio 2005)
  • You also need access to an installation of MySQL Server 4.0 or later.


Once installed, using the plugin is very simple.

  1. Create a new connection to MySQL by choose either the Tools -> Connect to Database menu option or clicking the Connect To Database button in Server Explorer.
  2. On the Connect to Database dialog, you can choose MySQL as your data source and click Continue.
  3. Enter your credentials for the selected database server and choose ok.
  4. Once connected, the database objects (tables, stored procedures, etc) will appear in Server Explorer.
  5. You can manipulate these objects using context menus by right clicking on them in Server Explorer.

Download MySQL Tools for Visual Studio

Regular Expression Library by Chad Finsterwald

A utility class containing frequently used Regular Expression Patterns( dates, zip codes, url ,email, credit card )  and two utility methods to see if a passed string conforms to the designated  pattern.

[Via Help.Net]

Domain-Specific Language Tools Version 1

Version 1 of Domain-Specific Language Tools lets you create a custom graphical designer that uses your own domain-specific diagrammatic notation. You can then create custom text templates that use models created in your designer to generate source code and other files. Domain-Specific Language Tools requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition or above. Designers built using Domain-Specific Language Tools require Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or above. Domain-Specific Language Tools is included as a component of the Visual Studio SDK.

This release includes the following features:

  • A Domain-Specific Language Designer project template, which automates the construction and configuration of a Visual Studio solution for developing a graphical designer.
  • A Domain-Specific Language definition (.dsl) format in which many features of a graphical designer can be defined declaratively, including:
    • Various forms of graphical notation, including image shapes, geometry shapes, compartment shapes, ports, vertical and horizontal swim lines, connectors of various styles, and image and text decorators for both shapes and connectors
    • A toolbox for creating new elements and links through the design surface
    • A model explorer, with various style options
    • Properties window behavior
    • The XML format used to serialize models
    • Validation options
  • A graphical Domain-Specific Language designer, which you can use to edit and validate domain-specific language definitions.
  • A set of text templates for generating the code of a graphical designer from domain-specific language definitions, where these templates have been designed to produce code that can be further customized by hand.
  • A rich set of APIs to support code customization of a designer, including support for the following: writing validation constraints, adding additional menu items for further customizing model serialization, and customizing the graphical notation and behavior of the design surface.
  • A rich set of APIs to support model access and update.
  • A text templating engine and framework that makes it easy to write and execute templates that generate source code and other text files from information held in models.
  • A Domain-Specific Language Setup project template that creates a setup project in Visual Studio. The setup project automates the process of producing a Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) package to deploy a graphical designer and associated components.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SDK including Domain-Specific Language Tools

Krypton Toolkit-Free user interface controls for .NET2

The Krypton Toolkit contains:











Krypton Toolkit Krypton Toolkit Krypton Toolkit Krypton Toolkit


Download Krypton Toolkit Version 2.2


ZipForge.NET is a .NET framework zip component. With this component you can easily add zip archive functionality to your projects. Free for personal use.ZipForge.NET is 100% managed .NET component written in pure C#.


  • 100% managed code without unsafe blocks
  • Creates and handles ZIP files
  • Adds, moves, extracts, deletes, updates, tests, refreshes a group of files by a single operation
  • Streaming support
  • Progress indication
  • Encryption\decryption
  • Transactions
  • Zip64 support (allows to create archives over 4Gb)
  • Supports .NET 1.1 and 2.0
  • A lot of demos (C#, VB.NET and Delphi.NET demos are included)
  • Extensive help

ZIP compatibility

  • 100% PKZIP 2.x compatible format
  • Password protection
  • ZIP compatible self extracting archives (SFX)

Download ZipForge.Net

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