A convenient tool for quick solution back-ups.

SolutionZipper does the following in a single step:

  1. Saves all unsaved project files.
  2. Cleans all available solution configurations (Debug, Release, etc.).
  3. Cleans all Deployment Projects.
  4. Zips all files in the entire solution:
    • The zip file is uniquely named: SolutionName_YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.zip
    • The paths for all files are solution directory relative.
    • The zip file is placed at the same level as the solution directory.

Download SolutionZipper

WinMD5- Windows MD5 Hashes

WinMD5 v2.0 is a free Windows tool for calculating the MD5 hashes ("fingerprints") of files. These fingerprints can be used to ensure that your file is uncorrupted.




SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most powerful MySQL Manager and MySQL Admin Tool, combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin and various other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL Clients in a single intuitive interface.


Connection Manager

Connection Manager

Multiple Connections + HTTP Tunnel Settings


SSH Connection Settings with "Test Connection"



The following list shows the features included in Community edition( open source and free)

  • Favorites Manager
  • HTML Schema Documentation
  • Shortcuts to generate SQL DML statements from schema definition
  • Creating/Dropping/Altering tables
  • Multi-tab Query Editor and Result-set Editor
  • Multiple Query Execution
  • Multi-threaded Query execution – Ability to stop long running queries
  • SQL Templates
  • Excel-style grid interface to view/update resultsets
  • Multi-format Blob editor
  • View data in Grid/Text Mode
  • ResultSet/Data Export to CSV/XML/HTML
  • Full Support from 3.23.38 to the latest 5.x
  • Support for all MySQL table handlers
  • Excel friendly resultsets/table-data export to clipboard/file
  • Dialog-less table and resultset editor
  • DBA Productivity
  • Restoring / Importing large SQL dumps
  • MySQL 5.x objects support
  • User Management
  • Managing hosted MySQL
  • Connection Manager
  • Index Management
  • Relationship/Foreign Key Manager
  • Reorder Columns
  • Copy objects to another Host with single click
  • Table diagnostics
  • Flush Tools
  • Object Browser
  • Creating/dropping database
  • Optimized for managing Hosted MySQL
  • Multiple database connections
  • Technology
  • Turbo Speed MySQL Management. Uses native MySQL C API – the fastest way to communicate with MySQL server
  • 100% keyboard friendly
  • Small compact binary
  • Minimal use of Registry – easy migration of User Preferences by dragging and dropping config files.
  • Non-cluttered look and feel, ability to show/hide panes

Download SQLyog

[Via help.net]

Detecting Net Framework directory

You can use



HttpRuntime.ClrInstallDirectory property ( don’t forget to add reference to System.Web.dll )

How to run msbuild from your application ?

The following function creates an Engine object and uses the BuildProject method to build a project file.

scriptParams )
    // Instantiate a new Engine object
    Engine engine = new Engine();
    // Point to the path that contains the .NET Framework 2.0 CLR and tools
    engine.BinPath =
    // Instantiate a new FileLogger to generate build log
    FileLogger logger = new FileLogger();
    // Set the logfile parameter to indicate the log destination
    logger.Parameters = "logfile="+logPath;
    // Register the logger with the engine
    Project project = new Project(engine);
    // pass params to msbuild file
    foreach (BuildPropertyGroup pg in project.PropertyGroups)
        foreach ( string key in scriptParams.Keys )
            pg.AddNewProperty( key, scriptParams[key]);
    // Build a project file
    bool success = engine.BuildProject(project);
    //Unregister all loggers to close the log file
    return success;

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