A New Version (Beta) of the Google Toolbar (4.0) is Now Available

Google has just released a new beta version of the their toolbar.Google Toolbar 4.0 (beta) can now be downloaded via this link.The following features are currently included in Google Toolbar 4.0 :

  1. Add buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite sites

  2. Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from anywhere

  3. Search smarter with instant suggestions as you type in the search box

  4. Share web pages with friends via blog, email, or SMS

CR_Documentor – The Documentor Plug-In

This plug-in allows you to see a preview of your XML document comments – real-time, as you edit the comments in Visual Studio.CR_Documentor offers the ability to choose the level of tags you want to be "compatible" with, the manner in which "unrecognized" tags are handled, and other formatting options.CR_Documentor offers context-menu support to aid in working with XML documentation , including inserting templates, embedding selections in templates, toggling outlining on XML doc comments, and toggling visibility of the CR_Documentor window.


Download CR_Documentor

Get PureComponents NicePanel for free

NicePanel_KeyFeatures1 PureComponents NicePanel is container component of active look, which will enrich your applications. NicePanel has header and footer, which widen its usage. Using gradient fill and color schemes you can easily and quickly set nice look, which can be further enhanced with images from integrated Clip Art or from file.

Unlike standard Panel, NicePanel has wide spectrum of style settings which give NicePanel the ability to be used in many different application types.

You can choose from three panel shapes – squared, rounded or chamfered. NicePanel can have header and footer in three different sizes and NicePanel look can be freshen by Clip Art pictures or images from file.

Download PureComponents NicePanel

How to delete file on reboot.

This code snippet forces windows to delete the file on reboot.

private static extern bool MoveFileEx(string lpExistingFileName, string lpNewFileName, int dwFlags);
const int MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT = 0x00000004;
static void MarkFileToDeleteOnReboot(string fileName)
    MoveFileEx(fileName, null, MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT);

Visual Studio .NET 2005 Automation Samples

These code samples show you how to build VSMacros projects,add ins, and wizards to make your teams more productive and to customize Visual Studio .NET 2005 to the ways you like to work.

  • Intercept commands when they are invoked, and either provide preprocessing or implement the command yourself.
  • Control the solution, projects, and project items by adding or removing them.
  • Control the build configurations mechanisms and hook various build events.
  • Control a large portion of the text editor.
  • Implement commands that help you debug with the debugger objects.
  • Control the Windows Forms Designer.
  • Create tool windows that behave just like the built-in tool windows for docking and floating.
  • Provide content to the Property Browser when items are selected in tool windows.
  • Control several of the built-in tool windows (including Task List, Toolbox, Command Window, and Output Window).
    And more…

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