Scott doesn’t use datasets in ASP .NET Applications

This post by Scott Mitchell points his article where he discusses why he doesn’t use Datasets in ASP.NET Applications.

"According to A Speed Freak’s Guide to Retrieving Data in ADO.NET, the DataReader is roughly thirty times more performant than the DataSet."

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Resharper 1.5 purchased – bring on Resharper 2.0

JetBrains has released a detailed list of new features found in the next release.The release is planned for the autumn (about the same time as the release of Visual Studio 2005). But what really got me going was that they’re offering free upgrades from ReSharper 1.x to new baby, ReSharper 2.0

  • Support of Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2003
  • Support of C# 2.0 (under Visual Studio 2005 only)
  • Support of VB.NET (refactorings, usage search, navigation, code formatter)
  • Support of ASP.NET (almost all features implemented for C# and VB.NET for code inside ASP pages)
  • Cross-language refactoring
  • Open API (plug-ins support)
  • No modal progress on startup (loading in background)
  • Install shortcuts in localized versions of VS
  • New preprocessor directives handling (no errors caused by use of preprocessor directives anymore!)
  • Reworked UI with preview of changes, problems resolving etc
  • Pull Up Member refactoring
  • Push Down Member refactoring
  • Make Method Static refactoring
  • Make Method Non-Static refactoring
  • Safe Delete refactoring
  • Inline Method refactoring
  • Use Base Type where Possible refactoring
  • Move Static Members refactoring
  • Move Inner Type to Outer Scope refactoring
  • Replace Constructor with Factory Method refactoring
  • Rename/move: process string literals and comments
  • Move type: support for multiple types
  • Change Signature: support for IntelliSense and highlighting inside table fields
On-the-fly Code Highlighting
  • Highlighting of all syntax errors
  • Highlighting of redundant down-casts (now only redundant up-casts are detected)
  • Warn about potentially unhandled exceptions (using doc-comments)
  • Optionally check for naming conventions violations
  • Highlighting of invalid format strings
  • Lot of new quickfixes
Live Templates
  • Support for templates sharing, import/export, etc
  • "Create file from Live Template" feature
  • "Create template from selection" feature
Code Formatter
  • Line wrapping
  • Code style settings: support for sharing, import/export and multiple schemes)
  • Support of unit tests (running/debugging unit tests, navigation from exception stacktraces and more)
  • "Go to Symbol" feature (the same as Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N but navigates to all types and members)
  • Auto-popup code completion on typing (as in VS2005)
  • Code completion for preprocessor directives
  • Code completion in namespace declarations
  • Generate Equals() & HashCode()
  • Implement Members: optionally generate fields for implemented properties
  • Make stubs that are generated for method bodies customizable
  • Action to implement given abstract member in one of implementors
  • Type Hierarchy
  • File structure view with regions, drag&drop etc
  • "Complete Statement" feature

Interesting links for configuring remote debugging

Interesting links for configuring remote debugging:

[Via mszCool's Developer Discussion Cave]

TestDriven.Net version 1.1 is available for download

TestDriven.Net version 1.1 has been released

From Jamie’s blog, "I’ve updated the ‘QualityTools’ test runner so that is works with the latest VSTS ‘Test Project’s.  I’ve also improved the plug-in model for test runners.  You’ll need this version if you want to use the version of MbUnit on Tigris with TD.NET.  Everything is there to build your own compatible MbUnit installer (using MSBuild + Wix)."

You can find the new build here.

[Via Raymond Lewallen's blog ]

Detecting Design-time in C#( Native DesignMode property not telling the full truth )

The DesignMode property for a UserControl object will show that it is in DesignMode only if the immediate parent is viewed in the IDE; if it is a grand child of the object that is being viewed in the IDE, then the DesignMode property will not be true.

The workaround:

/// Indicates if the current view is being utilized in the VS.NET IDE or not.
public new bool DesignMode
         return (System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName == "devenv");


[ Via Mark Jordan's blog ]

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