Aggregated reflection-based ToString() implementation

Instead displaying your object’s public fields(properties) in ordinary way ,that doesn’t so informative

string foo = string.Format( "My name is {0} {1} and my birthday is {2:MM/dd/yyyy}", 
                            p.FirstName, p.LastName, p.BirthDate );

you can print your object using FormattableObject library

Person p = new Person( "Scott","Hanselman",new DateTime(1974,1,22) );
string foo = p.ToString("My name is {FirstName} {LastName} and my birthday is {Birthdate:MM/dd/yyyy}");

Download FormattableObject 0.5

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RSS Bandit v1.3.x (Wolverine) Beta

New Features

  • Newspaper styles: Ability to view all unread posts in feeds and categories or all posts in a search folder in a Newspaper view.
  • Column Chooser: Ability to specify which columns are shown in the list view from a choice of Headline, Topic, Date, Author, Comment Count, Enclosures, Feed Title and Flag.
  • Category Properties: It is now possible to specify certain properties for all feeds within a category such as how often they should be updated or how long posts should be kept before being removed.
  • Identities: One can create multiple personas with associated information (homepage, name, email address, signature, etc) for use when posting comments to weblogs that support the CommentAPI.
  • Integration: Users who have accounts on the service can upload links to items of interest directly from RSS Bandit. 
  • Skim Mode: Added option to ‘Mark All Items As Read on Exiting a Feed’.
  • Item Deletion: News items can be deleted by either using the [Del] key or using the context menu. Deleted items go to the "Deleted Items" special folder and can be deleted permanently by emptying the folder .
  • UI Improvements: Tabbed browsers now use a multicolored border reminiscent of Microsoft OneNote.

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Whidbey Commands for Visual Studio 2003

Gaston Milano developed an excellent little utility called WhidbeyCommands for Visual Studio 2003 .The utility adds the following commands to the Solution Explorer context menu:

  • Collapse all projects – collapse all projects in the Solution Explorer
  • Open Project Folder
  • Visual Command Prompt Here

Also it adds the following commands to the Text Editor context menu:

  • Demo Font – swaps the editor font to a larger, clearer font
  • Copy File – copy the working file to some place
  • Send by Mail – select some text in a document right click and send it by mail
  • Wheel Font Sizing – by pressing Ctrl while rolling the mouse wheel, you can enlarge or reduce the font size

Official launch of MSN Search

Msn Search comes with more than 40,000 Encarta Encyclopedia articles and associated media for free. Translating into more than 1.5 million Instant Answers.

Msn Search includes also Newsbot.

Now you can also subscribe to searches by using the RSS feed button at the bottom of each search result page.

You can check out the revamped homepage, or access the search engine directly from

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New version of the Toolbar Suite is available for download

Some of the fixes and enhancements in the latest version include:

  • Eliminated the virus pop ups and increased performance
  • Ability to index Outlook items when it isn’t your default email client
  • Clear Deskbar text after performing searches
  • Fixed a majority of reported Watson bugs
  • Several bug fixes to improve overall stability & robustness

Download Desktop Search (02.00.0001.1203)

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