.NET Tool for Tracking down managed memory leaks

Leak Detector drives the debugger process, parses the output, and provides an easy way to explore an application’s heap.

Leak Detector

MSN Deskbar Clip

With the tool installed, you just type "clip <shortcutname>"
in the MSN Deskbar.  For example:

clip blog

And "MSN Deskbar Clip" puts the URL that "blog" refers to on to the clipboard. 
This is really useful for long URLs (such as pointers to MSDN articles, products on Amazon etc.)

MSN Deskbar Clip

Tracking down managed memory leaks (how to find a GC leak) in 7 steps

Step 1: Run your process and put it in the state you are curious about
Step 2: Use tasklist to find its process ID
Step 3: Use VADump to get a summary of the process
Step 4: Attach Windbg and load SOS
Step 5: Get the CLR memory summary
Step 6: Dump Type Specific Information
Step 7: Identify the roots of suspected leaks

From Rico Mariani

Wow! The MSN Toolbar Suite (with MSN Desktop Search ) Beta is available for download

List of features

  • Desktop Search feature, which lets you find anything on your computer—even within e-mail messages and their attachments.
  • There’s now an MSN Toolbar for Microsoft Office Outlook, the MSN Deskbar in the Windows taskbar, and an MSN Toolbar that works in both Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.
  • MSN Toolbar lets you save address, sign-in, and credit card information and fills out web forms for you.
  • It has great integration with Hotmail, My Spaces and MSN Messenger


Garbage Collection Links

Difference between Dispose(true) and Dispose(false)?

Forcing GarbageCollection

Why I need to call WaitForPendingFinalizers?

Suppressing the Finalize method is explained here

Jessica explains all this in one of her articles:

[Via Subhag Oak]

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