New ASP.NET blog platform – Subtext


Subtext is a blog platform that focuses on usability and simplicity which is based on the .Text Blog Engine.

Subtext Features:

  • Web Based Installer – Installs the database schema and stored procedures.

  • BlogML Support – Import and export your blog data to and from other blogs that support this new standard.
  • .TEXT 0.95 Import Wizard – This is a direct database to database import.
  • Host Admin Tool – Use this to manage multiple blogs
  • Improved multi-blog support.
  • Improved Documentation
  • Logging Console – The first iteration of this console displays error messages in the admin section.
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    PostXING plugin-MetaPinger

    MetaPinger is a PostXING plugin that notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated , they crawl your blog, publishing your site contents, thus increasing your blog’s popularity.


    Extract the ZIP archive into the "plugins" subdirectory of PostXING’s install directory

    You will need to configure MetaPinger plugin to notify ping services.
    Enter blog name.
    Enter blog url.
    Add ping service urls ( one per line )


    To ping press the "Ping" button.

    Download MetaPinger plugin

    MetaPinger has been tested with the following ping services:

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    PostXING plugin-TechnoratiTagger

    TechnoratiTagger is a PostXING plugin that allows you create Technorati tags.


    Extract the ZIP archive into the "plugins" subdirectory of PostXING’s install directory

    To add Technorati tags at the end of a post, type tags separated by commas, and then press the "Paste" button. The history list show tags you’ve typed in the past.To add tag from the history list, double click on selected tag.

    Download TechnoratiTagger plugin

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