Interesting articles(June 14)

Drag-n-drop on Silverlight alpha

3D in Silverlight

Download DinnerNow.NET Sample Application

Silverlight Screencasts


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Interesting articles(May 17)

Tip/Trick: Supporting Full Screen Mode with Silverlight

Microsoft Command Line Standard

New "Orcas" Language Feature: Anonymous Types

These are cool – Silverlight screen wallpapers and backgrounds

Function to Load Enum-Typed Properties from Database

Silverlight Console Applications


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Interesting articles(March 13)

Writing Peer-to-Peer Applications Using .NET, Part 1 (PNRP)

Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips and Tricks

MetaBlog into a Local Directory

Help me with this API: use


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Interesting blog posts (February 11)

Ohad’s Weblog IE7Pro – a must have add-in if you use IE7 !

Simple Living Simple Thinking Zip and Unzip files programmatically

Bill’s House O Insomnia AcceptChanges and Updates once more

Certifications and Software Development More C# 3.0 ? Extension Methods

Thom Robbins .NET Weblog Introduction to Building XML Web Services with ASMX

Interesting blog posts

Jon Galloway – Google Personalized Homepage (IG) – Read a post inline

David Hayden – Validation Application Block Presentation and New Features – Enterprise Library 3.0

ScottGu’s Blog – ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released

Dmitryr’s blog – Finding out the current trust level in ASP.NET

Michael’s Blog – Transforms, Opacity Masks and Animation to Create an Animated Reflection in WPF/E


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