SharpForge-Open source .Net 2.0 project management web application

SharpForge is an open source, .Net 2.0 project management web application. It’s similar to SourceForge or CodePlex but for your own team or organization. It is available for you to download it and host anywhere you want or need to.

Features include

    * Multi Portal
    * Multi Project
    * Subversion Administration
    * Work Item Tracking
    * Project Forums
    * Release Management
    * Subversion Wiki
    * Browse Source Code
    * News Feed Aggregation

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NxBRE -The open-source rule engine for the .NET

NxBRE is the open-source rule engine for the .NET platform and a lightweight Business Rules Engine that supports two different approaches:

  • The Inference Engine, which is a forward-chaining (data driven) deduction engine and that supports concepts like Facts, Queries and Implications and like Rule Priority, Mutual Exclusion and Precondition (as found in many commercial engines). It is designed in a way that encourages the separation of roles between the expert who designs the business rules and the programmer who binds them to the business objects.
  • The Flow Engine, which uses XML as a way to control process flow for an application in an external entity. It is basically a wrapper on C#, as it offers all its flow control commands (if/then/else, while, foreach), plus a context of business objects and results. It is a port of JxBRE to .NET’s C#.

NxBRE is released under LGPL license in order to allow users to legally build commercial solutions that embed NxBRE.

Download NxBRE

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CodePlex Source Control Client

The CodePlex team has announced the additional Source Control Client on their blog today.The CodePlex Client is a command line source control client for CodePlex site users. It supports working offline in a traditional edit-merge-commit style. It requires MS .NET 2.0.The short introduction present the way you will typically use the CodePlex Client.


  • Automated Merging
  • Anonymous Access
  • Patch Support

Download CodePlex Client

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