10 awesome Windows Live Writer plugins for developers and bloggers

I’ve made this list of 10 plugins for Windows Live Writer. Some of these plugins will help beatify your published code, while others will help you create code archives or retrieve a link from MSDN.

Insert Code for Windows Live Writer – Insert Code for Windows Live Writer will format a snippet of text in a number of programming languages such as C#, HTML, MSH, JavaScript, Visual Basic and TSQL.

Paste from Visual Studio – Easily transfer syntax highlighted source code from Visual Studio to elegant HTML in Windows Live Writer.

Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer – Format and apply syntax highlighting to source code snippets before inserting into your Windows Live Writer posts.

Insert a Silverlight Streaming application – List applications from your Silverlight Streaming account with live preview and embed in blog post using iFrame invocation

BlogMyCode VS2005 PlugIn – BlogMyCode is Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 plugin, that helps you to blog formatted source code, by using Windows Live Writer.

MSDN Locator – Inserts a link to a .NET namespace, class, method etc in the MSDN Library.

Insert Source Code Snippet – Helps you to past well formatted XHTML compatible source code into your blog by using WLW

wlwHtmlSnippetsTool – Allows you to insert simple Html snippets into a post. Stores a list of commonly used snippets. Freeware, open source.

Paste MSDN URL – Removes the culture from an MSDN URL so that the end user’s culture is used in determining what localized content they see.

Visual Studio Solution Uploader – The plugin allows you to select a Visual Studio 2005 solution file, when selected the solution and the directory will be zipped and included in the blog post. All done in a few simple steps. You can even get it to build binaries of the solution.

 Dynamic Template Plugin – The powerful plugin for Windows Live Writer. You can use templates to easily insert oft-used snippets of HTML or text. (by Joe Cheng)

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CaptainHook plugin framework

CaptainHook is a simple plugin framework for writing Subversion hooks using .NET.The goal of the CaptainHook project is to provide a strongly typed interface and a few useful service for accessing SVN.To setup CaptainHook, simply unzip the executable file and its related assemblies into the hooks folder on your SVN server.

Check out this post to get more information about CaptainHook

Download CaptainHook

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View Source Reflector Plugin for Silverlight

Ernie Booth has wrote plugin for Lutz Roeder’s Reflector that takes a URL to a Silverlight host page and locates the assembly for that page.

Get sources and assemblies for "View Source Reflector Plugin for Silverlight"

MSDN Locator plugin for Windows Live Writer

The plugin allows you to search for a class, namespace, method or property using the full name and then inserts a link tag with a description (title attribute).


Download the plugin here.

Read more here

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Syntax Highlighter for Windows Live Writer

This is a simple plugin for Windows Live Writer that enables a user to insert highlighted source code, it is based on Wilco Bauwer’s Syntax Highlighter


Download Syntax Highlighter for Windows Live Writer

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