UMLet – Free UML Tool for Fast UML Diagrams

UMLet is an open-source UML tool with a simple user interface.UMLet is a UML tool provide a fast way of creating UML diagrams. UML elements are modified using text input instead of pop-up dialogs. UMLet runs stand-alone or as Eclipse plug-in on Windows, OS X and Linux.


  • Draw UML diagrams fast
  • Export diagrams to EPS, PDF JPG, SVG and clipboard
  • Share diagrams using Eclipse
  • Create new, custom UML elements.

Download UMLet
Sample diagrams


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XamlHack – a better XAMLPad alternative

XamlHack is a XAML authoring tool which can be used to develop or test a small pieces of XAML code.This tool is lightweight and easier to work with when writing some trivial WPF applications.





  • Basic text editing features & syntax highlighting for XAML
  • XAML preview with element tree viewing capability using "Element Tree Explorer" 
  • Examine the default value of DependencyProperties using "Property Explorer"
  • Convert BAML to XAML using "Resource Explorer"
  • Last but not least, peculiar error warning. 


Download XamlHack

Read more about XamlHack

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SVN Time-Lapse View

SVN Time-Lapse View is a cross-platform viewer that downloads all revisions of a file and lets you scroll through them by dragging a slider. As you scroll, you are shown a visual diff of the current revision and the previous revision. Thus you can see how a file evolved, and you can easily find the revision at which lines appeared, disappeared, or changed.


Download SVN Time-Lapse View

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SSMS Tools PACK contains a few upgrades for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.


  1. Execution History (Soft Source Control) - Every statement that you run is logged in a file on your disk or in a table in a database that you specify.
  2. Text document Regions and Debug sections Regions behave in the same way as in Visual Studio.
  3. New query template - When opening a new query window you can specify a template that will be displayed. 
  4. CRUD stored procedure generation - CRUD((Create, Read, Update, Delete))stored procedure generation for tables based on fully customizable templates that you can change to suit your needs.
  5. Running custom scripts from Object explorer’s Context menu - You can specify a custom script text, its name and node on Object Explorer on which you want to run it from.

Download SSMS Tools Pack

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Multi-protocol tabbed desktop client for remote connections

Terminals is a multi-protocol tabbed desktop client for remote connections.  Right now it can support all of these connection types (simultaneously):

  1. RDP – Microsoft’s Remote Desktop aka Terminal Services
  2. VNC – Virtual Network Computing
  3. VMRC – Virtual Machine Remote Control
  4. RAS – Remote Access Service (VPN, Dialup)
  5. Telnet – Telecommunication Network
  6. SSH – Secure Shell
  7. ICA Citrix – Independent Computing Architecture


  • Ability to import files such as MuRD and RDP files.
  • Tagging connections (grouping)
  • Shortcuts (to external tools) and Favorites
  • Some toolbar customization
  • Full Screen mode, multiple screen sizes and color depths supported
  • Minimize to tray
  • Single application instance
  • Execute before connect
  • Completely secure password storage
  • Screen capture of entire terminal window


Download Terminals 1.6

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