Design Pattern Automation Toolkit (DpaToolkit)

Design Pattern Automation Toolkit (DpaToolkit) – A toolkit to build applications using design patterns, with ability  to generate code.


  • Allow design patterns to be added into the design. The Application comes with all the 23 Gang of Four Design patterns. Not just the class diagram of the design pattern. The developers can also develop design pattern plug-ins using the application and use them.
  • Allow code generation routines to be plugged into the application for new languages. By programming for an interface, the developers can write their custom code generators and create a DLL.
  • Allow Reverse Engineering modules to be plugged into the application.
  • The design pattern plug-ins / projects are saved in XML format for cross-application portability.
  • The developers can customize the code generation (for ex: final in Java, sealed in C# etc.) by adding the metainfo for classes, methods, fields and parameters.
  • Provides dynamic help to the user. The user can get the details (such as summary and meta info) associated with a class/methods/fields by hovering the mouse on the respective visual element.
  • Image Generation in 4 formats: gif, jpeg, png, tiff
  • Distributed under the GNU General Public License

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